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Mr. Whale

A recent survey that included dozens of institutional investors and wealth managers from the US, UK, France, Germany, and the UAE who collectively have $275 Billion in assets under management, found that over 76% of them have deep concerns about the security, and liquidity of Bitcoin, and see many regulatory hurdles ahead.

The survey was completed in May-June 2021 and ran by Nickel Digital Asset Management, a London-based FCA-authorized, and regulated investment manager that specializes in a range of digital asset strategies.

According to the survey, here are the most significant hurdles preventing institutional investors from investing in Bitcoin for…

In the first quarter, Bitcoin saw record levels of euphoria and greed. For the first time ever, we witnessed TikTokers, billionaires, politicians, rappers, actors, bankers, the mainstream media, athletes, and many others all collectively join in on the crypto craze that once seemed unstoppable.

As with all market bubbles, the last leg of the bull market often ends with extreme euphoria and hysteria. With the news of Tesla ditching Bitcoin, China cracking down on BTC mining, new regulation fears, and Tether revealing their shady backings, a new wave of fear quickly entered the market and surprised those who had record-high…

With Bitcoin’s demand tanking, and its narratives all falling apart, many of its promoters have started a deceptive initiative aimed at luring in new and inexperienced retail investors.

They have essentially started a fake news campaign that spreads the narrative that companies and countries are rushing to buy Bitcoin in hopes that it can have a positive impact on the prices.

Fake News Spread by Bitcoin Maximalists.

As Bitcoin struggles around the $30,000-$32,000 range after a huge price drop in May, another major bearish event looms over Bitcoin and could be the big catalyst that tanks it below the $30K support.

A total of nearly 41,000 BTC will be unlocked in July, amounting to nearly $1.4 billion in notional value. The biggest of these unlocks will be on July 18th when 16,240 BTC will be available due to the release of the six-month lock-in period for GBTC shares.

While many Bitcoin promoters are trying to keep this news hush-hush, this is something everyone should be aware of…

Since March 2020, the financial markets have witnessed huge spikes in natural demand as a result of the global pandemic lockdowns. During this time, my cryptocurrency investments have rewarded me with over $87 million in pure profits. A huge milestone, to say the least!

For months, Ethereum has been plagued with ridicule after its network fees surged rapidly. This was justified, as the network became overly expensive, congested, and unrealistic to use.

In a recent report published by crypto market research firm Coin Metrics, they’ve confirmed that the average price of gas on the Ethereum blockchain is at its lowest point since March 2020.

While the average gas price was regularly between 150 and 200, it has been between 15 and 30 GWEI since the end of May.

While volume and volatility have dried up across the entire crypto sector in recent months, it’s important to keep an eye on some popular utility-based cryptocurrencies as they may be followed by a massive demand surge.

Ripple's recent developments, collaborations, and lawsuits, which they are evidently winning, have many speculating that it’s only a matter of time before the price catches up to its true value. In this article, we will analyze some key fundamentals that could satisfy long-term holders.

A man has pleaded guilty to stealing almost $250,000 worth of cryptocurrencies and customer data from the international currency exchange Cryptopia.

The former employee, who has interim name suppression, appeared in the Christchurch District Court on Monday before Judge Gerard Lynch.

Through his lawyer, Allister Davis, he admitted two charges — theft by a person in a special relationship, and theft of more than $1000. He was convicted and remanded on bail until sentencing on October 20.

Cryptopia Ltd is a Christchurch-based cryptocurrency exchange which, at its peak, employed more than 80 staff and had more than 1.4 …

In seeking truth you have to get both sides of a story.

While I have lots of respect for the crypto community (both bulls and bears), there admittedly lays a small group of extremists who are known as “Bitcoin Maximalists” — They hold the belief that Bitcoin’s network is superior, has no flaws, and will eventually overthrow the entire global financial system.

When I first bought Bitcoin in 2013, the community valued facts, and held realistic beliefs. They weren’t easily swayed by misinformation and false narratives. Sadly, the days of “Don’t Trust, Verify” are long gone.

Many of these new…

Eric Rosengren included the stablecoin among what he termed new disruptors to short-term credit markets.

A senior U.S. Federal Reserve official has called Tether’s USDT stablecoin a risk to the stability of the financial system.

In a slide presentation Friday, Eric Rosengren, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, listed Tether among the “financial stability challenges” the U.S. central bank is watching.

Rosengren included the stablecoin among what he termed “new disruptors” to short-term credit markets.

Mr. Whale

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